AORUS AMP-UP Audio now offers ESS SABRE with a DAC that adopts the concept of a high-end audiophile sound system design into a micro system within the motherboard. It provides a pure yet powerful sound, resonating classical orchestra or blasts in your virtual warzone.
N.B : X299 AORUS GAMING 9 only.

ESS SABRE reference DAC
Hyperstream Dynamic Range (DNR 127dB)
High-Res music (32bit, 384kHz PCM)
World's best THD+N (THD+N -120db)
True Hi-Fidelity Music
Provide surround sound audio and enabled DSD music playback

 TI Burr-Brown™ Audio
Low stereo cross talk, high operational power output
Auto Impedance Sensing
Auto detect headphone coils from 6 to 600 Ω and automatically adjusts proper output power
Independent Analog Power
Drives clean analog power for audio components to ensure minimal noise.
L / R separation analog signal processing with internally balanced audio design
For maximum stereo sound quality and high-quality signal transmission
Audiophile Grade Capacitors
Deliver true acoustic sound

Anti-pop Circuit Design
Prevents popping noise when plugging in and removing the audio jack
Power Purifier
Supplies undisturbed power to the Digital-Analog Converters
Precision Audio Stream
Provides precise time triggers to Digital-Analog Converters
Connettori placcati in Oro
High resistance to corrosion and oxidation

N.B : X299 AORUS GAMING 9 only.

Dual Smart Headphone AMPs
Smart Headphone Amp
Adjustable Voltage USB Port with Dedicated Power Design
AORUS improves upon USB DAC-UP technologies with USB DAC-UP 2.
USB DAC-UP 2 continues to provide clean, isolated and low-noise power while adding the ability to compensate for voltage drop.
Virtual reality pioneers and gamers alike can rest assured that their expensive accessories and peripherals will not encounter connectivity or power deficiency issues with the AORUS USB DAC-UP 2. With Gaming Gear drawing large amounts of power and having firm specification requirements USB DAC-UP 2 is up for the challenge.
Creative SoundBlasterX 720˚
Creative’s latest top-of-the-line audio engine takes your PC audio to the next level. These comprehensive tools backed by leading technology and algorithms in audio will enrichen your experience, whether it’s streaming, gaming, listening to music, or other entertainment needs.
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Scout Radar
Expand your vision with the world’s first smart gaming companion that enables you not only to hear your enemies from further away but also to visualize and see where enemies are on the radar through your mobile device.
Scout Mode
This proprietary technology allows you to hear your enemies from further away, giving you a distinct tactical advantage.
Creative SoundBlaster 720˚ Software

* Features may vary by model.